Léopard - Trousers

L'Homme Invisible's leopard-print lounge pants in sheer muslin for men, a classy-chic expression of their sensuality. The fluid, sheer pants subtly reveal what lies beneath, intensifying your partner's desire for more.

The Leopard Pants feature a low waistband, elastic waistband and interior drawstrings. Enjoy the graceful drape of the chiffon fabric, the way it flows and delicately hugs your figure. The loose, flowing cut is enhanced by two Italian pockets, adding a modern touch and welcome practicality.

Key features include:

  • Elasticated waist with drawstrings
  • Sheer leopard fabric
  • Italian side pockets
  • Fluid chiffon fabric
  • Discreet labeling
  • Made with love in India



Discover a whole world of sensuality with the trousers from the mens loungwear collection Leopard. With its play of transparency, you will awake the desire in your partner while enjoying the lightness and softness brought by its soft chiffon fabric. The touch on your skin will envelop you in intimate moments of passion…

The trousers L’Homme Invisible are low-waist with an elasticated belt with a draw string on the inside. The cut is fluid, for an elegant silhouette, and there’s two pockets on the sides for a modern and practical style. The transparency will discreetly highlight your anatomy without revealing too much, rising your partner’s desire.

  • Elasticated belt with draw-string
  • Pockets on each side
  • Fluide cut
  • Logo L’Homme Invisible on the waist
  • Made in India with love

100% Polyester