Created in 1986 by Patrice Chevreux and bought in 2011 by Sandeep Sahni, L’Homme Invisible is French designer brand for men’s underwear and one the first brand to come up with concept of men’s lingerie.

Pioneer in Men’s luxury underwear, L’Homme Invisible soon became a reference name, a trendsetter in men’s fashion; L’Homme Invisible is proud to have been a source of inspiration for other brands and has been followed and respected by everyone in the world of fashion.


Based in Paris where creativity is omnipresent, L’Homme invisible takes his inspiration from rich monuments, history, art, culture that surround him. By mixing comfort, style, high quality of materials and innovation, the brand took men’s wardrobes by storm and presented a new type of man: modern, sensual and confident.


L’Homme Invisible designs are easily recognizable by their unique luxury styling, baroque, floral and romantic prints, but also unexpected fabric like velvets, laces and other innovative sheer materials. If a man loves to see his woman in beautiful lingerie, the opposite is true also! From men’s boxer-briefs to string thongs, without forgetting the briefs in between, L’Homme Invisible proposes a vast range of men’s designer underwear completed by loungwear, resortwear, swimwear and accessories.


A typical L’Homme Invisible client is man of free spirit, modern and confident in his skin. He is a gentleman who not only pays attention to the visible details but what is invisible to people at first glance. He cares about his appearance but prefers to shine through his knowledge and his cultural awareness, his savoir-vivre and his eye for detail. A real globetrotter, L’Homme Invisible client likes to travel the world sharing values and ideas for a better tomorrow. He has lust for life with a taste for beautiful things


Distributed all over the world (Paris, Moscow, Sydney, Melbourne ...), L'Homme Invisible is today an indisputable and undisputed leader of luxury men's lingerie in a market flooded by a simple product, too focused on the sporty image.


Today, men’s clothing by L’Homme Invisible also include swimwear, loungewear, resort wear and selected pieces of athleisure wear. Collections range from sensual to avant-garde and almost everything in between. Sheer, luxurious fabrics and innovative cuts are the DNA of L’Homme Invisible.


We are in a constant journey of evolving our designs. We strive to improve further our customer service. We are expanding our reach worldwide to pamper more guys, boyfriends and husbands than ever before. But one thing remains the same: At L’Homme Invisible we don’t do boring! Our underwear, swimwear, loungewear and resort wear are always going to be refined, stylish and fashion forward.


Share our passion, embrace our “feel good" spirit, and rest assure we will continue to innovate for your elegance and comfort.