Golden Boy - Weensy Split Shorts

Weensy shorts for men embody casual sexy chic with a touch of sensuality. Designed in an exceptionally fluid fabric, they feel soft and silky to the touch, enveloping the body with a gentle caress. The iridescent texture adds a glamorous dimension, creating a subtle play of reflections that captures attention with every movement.

Weensy shorts are boldly short, highlighting the legs with a modern, athletic look The side slits, extending generously upwards, not only accentuate the contemporary style, but also allow total freedom of movement. These slits create a dynamic visual effect, subtly revealing the skin and adding a touch of seduction to the ensemble.

The absence of pockets reinforces the shorts' sleek aesthetic, underlining their minimalist design and highlighting the fluidity of the material.

  • Soft, flowing fabric
  • Iridescent shiny effect
  • Pocketless cut
  • Elasticated waistband with inner drawcord
  • Loose fit and extra short length
  • Made in India



Weensy Short by l'Homme Invisible is somewhere between men's lounge shorts and sports shorts. The style is sexy, the details are meticulous, and a medallion logo is discreetly placed at the waist. The silky fabric makes them very comfortable to wear.

100% Viscose
Velours et Luxure