Indigo - Hipster Push Up

The guarantee of unprecedented comfort! Hipster Push Up Indigo, with its silky-soft jacquard voile, will give you a second-skin effect you'll fall in love with.

Hipster Push Up Indigo is a modern, elegant style for the city man. Men's shorty is enhanced by a slim, low-waisted black belt with the l'Homme Invisible logo.

The front pocket is unlined, emphasizing both frontal comfort and the male anatomy, giving an advantageous visual. With no side seams, comfort and freedom of movement are amplified.

  • Ergonomic U-shaped front pocket
  • Low-rise shorty with slim waistband
  • Men's second-skin boxer
  • Ultra-fine microfiber
  • Made in Portugal



Hipster Push-up is one of L'Homme Invisible's U pouch underwear range. it is short trunks with front ergonomic U pouch and narrow waist band. Its front anatomical pouch gently uplifts your intimacy without crushing or compressing it, providing natural comfort. The side seams, back seams are completely eliminated thus making underwear a second skin.

  • Low waist men’s boxer trunks
  • 2,5cm Elastic for a firm but compression free grip
  • U front anatomical pouch for natural comfort
  • Body moulded shape with minimum seams
  • Natural cotton fabric with elasthan
  • Product made in portugal

91% Polyamide, 9% Lycra