Viorne Choco - Hipster Push-Up

The Hipster Push Up Viornes boxer by L'Homme Invisible is a low-rise boxer made of tulle richly embroidered with Viornes flowers. These sexy boxer briefs for men are visually stunning, with rich embroidery on a chestnut choclate background.

The voluminous U-shaped pocket offers unsurpassed comfort thanks to its natural, non-crushing fit. The low waistband of these sexy boxer briefs allows them to be concealed under the waistband of your pants for even greater discretion.

With its transparency and poetic embroidery, these men's boxer briefs will draw you into ever more intense games of seduction.

  • Italian fabric embroidered in Portugal
  • Ergonomic U-shaped pocket
  • 2.5 cm elastic
  • Comfortable fit
  • Low waistband
  • Sewn in Portugal



Hipster Push Up is a low-rise boxer-brief underwear for men whose front pocket is built in a "u" shape that allows a natural and pleasant support, and highlights the male assets.

A complete disappearance of the side seams and back seams, makes the product very pleasant to wear. The strong points of this boxer man are:

   Boxer low waist, thin elastic

   Front comfort with U pocket without crushing

   Quasi-absence of seams, Boxer man second skin

L'Homme Invisible, French designer brand of luxury men's underwear, raises men's underwear to the level of haute couture and puts all its know-how at the service of men's elegance and comfort.

45%PA 45% PE 10% EL